Safer stroller

Being a parent with mobility issues, I found some situations more challenging than others just by pushing a simple buggy around. When you can't walk very fast or stably going downhill can be a scary thing, especially with your baby in the pram/buggy.

IDEA: please invent a brake system on the handle bar that works opposite to a normal bike handlebar brake.

What I mean is, that when the brake is squeezed in it is released allowing free movement of the wheels. When the brake is released (as in the case of having accidentally let go of the pram because I've fallen into a heap on the pavement), the pram comes to a stop; at least long enough for someone to chase after it and put the proper wheel brakes on anyway.

As well as being an additional safety feature, it also helps everyone who is pushing a buggy down steep hills and prevents the carriage running away from them. As I'm a very slow walker, it would be an enormous help to all who are affected like me. (I also wouldn't mind becoming a member of your team, can you tell me how I go about this?)



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